Long-lasting colour cream


  • 64 shades
  • Deep and intense colour and natural shine
  • Perfect cream texture
  • Colour cream evenly covers the hair from roots to ends
  • Possibility to mix tones
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Main pattern with from 2 to 10 levels of tone depth, mixing ratio with OXY (1:1)
  • Pattern of the 12th level is designed for the 2 levels lightening of tone with 8/0 with OXY 9%, mixing ratio with OXY (1:1,5)
  • Exclusive formulation of the 12th level tones allows toning the hair with OXY 1,5% and 3% (1:2)
  • 60/90 ml



Coconut oil

System Coca-protect

Cetiol emollient

System Conditioner

Trilon B and


System Conductor